Nitrogen-fixing bacteria – Our Friends

More Micro-Friends

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria - Our Friends

Nitrogen is necessary for all life

We get it from the earth

LEGUMES (bean plants) fix it in the earth because

They work with bacteria that attach to their roots

How do they do it?

Scientists have now followed the molecule messengers that start above ground

SEE THE LIGHT (sort of)

Are changed by the light

Go down into the roots

WHERE their changed form

Acts as a SWITCH that TURNS ON

The storage of NITROGEN

Symbiotic nitrogen fixation, the largest natural source of bio-usable nitrogen for the biosphere, influences primary production and carbon sink in agricultural and natural ecosystems ( Ref:D. S. LeBauer, K. K. Treseder, Ecology 89, 371–379 (2008).
Nitrogen fixation in legume roots

Science, abh2890, Oct 1, 2021 p. 65