Letter to Greater Phila C of C & Phila Inquirer
Hoping you & yours are safe & well. Thanks for all you do for Greater Phila

Re Phila Commerce Dept Offering Plastic Bag Ban Info Sessions For Businesses
It is never useful to force people to change habits. Always good to offer them a choice. Plastic bags are a menace, but a part of the world economy. “The most reyclable plastic bag is the one you already have.” People need to be encouraged to save bags and take them with them when they shop again.
It is necessary to study what sort of bag people will readily use instead of plastic. It is necessary to offer biodegradable plastic bags as Le Pain Quotidien does (8th & Walnut and 1425 Walnut Phila PA).

Thank you.
Bobby Gordon

NOTE: “Plastic waste forms huge, deadly masses in camel guts

from Science News By Asher Jones December 15, 2020